The brow can show visible signs of aging, such as descent of the brows, loss of brow arch, brow asymmetry and sagging upper eyelid skin. The forehead tends to develop wrinkles and sagging skin. Often such signs of aging can be lessened through non-surgical means such as laser resurfacing, peels, fat transfers, dermal fillers or botox injections. However, in some cases a brow lift is the best option.

There are different brow lift procedures depending on the degree of brow ptosis (sagging). Our providers most commonly perform the endoscopic brow lift procedure which uses an endoscope through small hidden scalp incisions to release the muscles responsible for frowning, lifts the brows and rejuvenates the forehead. During the procedure, surgeons rejuvenate the area above the eyes so that wrinkles and drooping skin are corrected, and the eyebrow arch is restored. In patients with minimal to moderate changes related to aging of the brows, mini-brow lift or lateral brow lift may be performed. The brow lift can be done alone or with a facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery or laser resurfacing.