You work hard to get the body you want – so why is it that those last few inches won’t seem to budge? When diet and exercise aren’t working, we have a solution: CoolSculpting®. Men and women who are bothered by a few extra pounds can reduce between 20 to 25% of fat in a given area with just one treatment. CoolSculpting is non-invasive and there are few unwanted side effects. Just a slimmer, sleeker you!

The CoolSculpting procedure uses an innovative process called cryolipolysis™ to freeze fat cells. Patients relax while a CoolSculpting applicator targets the treatment area with temperatures cold enough to destroy fat cells without injuring nearby tissue. Targeted fat is then metabolized and eliminated as part of the body’s normal processes. Studies show that most people can reduce fat by 20 to 25% after just one CoolSculpting session.

We recommend CoolSculpting for people who are generally active and fit, but who are looking to remove fat around the waistline or thighs. Common problem areas treated with CoolSculpting include “love handles,” a “muffin top,” “bra fat,” and inner and outer thighs. With the addition of the CoolSmooth™ applicator, patients with even small fat deposits can benefit. The results from CoolSculpting are permanent in the sense that the fat cells will not return. However, CoolSculpting does not prevent weight gain. Healthy eating and regular exercise are needed to maintain your results. And additional treatments can provide further benefits. Thermage skin tightening treatments can further enhance your results.

The Treatment

CoolSculpting is a simple office procedure that normally takes about 1 hour per treatment area and requires no anesthesia. For the first 10 minutes of treatment, you may feel a strong feeling of coldness as cryolipolysis takes place. Most people are unaffected by this and become used to the sensation as the procedure progresses. Some people read, watch television, or simply relax during CoolSculpting.

Treating ‘Non-Pinchable’ Areas

Even small fat deposits that can’t be pinched, such as on the thighs, can be treated comfortably and conveniently with the CoolSmooth applicator. The applicator is an innovative option for our patients. During a traditional CoolSculpting procedure, suction pulls a bulging area of fatty tissue into an applicator. This mechanism is highly effective for even, consistent fat reduction on areas such as the abdomen, love handles, and lower back, where a person could “pinch” a fatty bulge. However, it wasn’t effective on smaller, “non-pinchable” treatment areas, such as the thighs.

The CoolSmooth applicator is flat and does not require suction, making it suitable for much smaller or more spread-out fat deposits that can’t be pinched. The CoolSmooth applicator is so effective at treating the thigh area, in fact, that CoolSculpting was cleared by the FDA for thigh treatment after its inception (it was previously cleared for the abdomen and flanks).

Like other CoolSculpting procedures, treatment with the CoolSmooth applicator is comfortable and effective. Patients generally require 1 to 2 treatments lasting 2 hours per area, and final results develop over the course of about 1 to 2 treatments.

After your procedure, you may notice some numbness, soreness, or tingling around the treatment area, which will last for a few weeks. Light swelling, bruising, or redness can also occur and should subside within a couple of days. Most of our patients return to work and normal activities immediately.

Results appear gradually over the course of several months as your body eliminates the treated fat cells. Most people begin to notice that their clothes are fitting more loosely around month 2, and the changes continue to develop for another month or so.