There are a variety of augmentative fillers and injectables available, and no standard product is appropriate for every need. Some replacement fillers and injectables perform better in certain regions of the face than others. Some fillers are more fluid while some are thicker. Some last only a few months.

At Med Spa Services, the primary objective with these products is to eliminate deep wrinkles and sunken cheeks, smooth furrows on the forehead, plump up lips, smile lines, and marionette lines, and more.

Because of our extensive experience with these products, as well as research regarding the new alternatives, we provide our patients with distinctive insights on what will be most effective for their needs.

When Considering a Dermal Filler

  • It is important to establish realistic expectations with your physician.
  • Procedures usually take 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Local or topical anesthesia is used.
  • Most patients can return to activities such as work in four to 24 hours. You should allow 24 to 36 hours for all swelling to go away.