It is nearly impossible to overstate the importance of our hands simply for performing everyday tasks. Yet, over time, environmental factors like sun damage and the natural effects of aging can cause our hands to take on a noticeably “bony” or “veiny” look. Fortunately, our exceptional providers are able to utilize a combination of different procedures to help each patient to rejuvenate the beautifully hands they remember from their youth. For those who could benefit from less prominent veins or bones, or a reduction in the wrinkling of the skin, hand rejuvenation from BHP can prove invaluable.

Your specific experience of hand rejuvenation may be determined by a variety of factors, though, in many cases, injections may be used to transfer fat into the hands. When performing a fat transfer, providers will use fat that has been harvested from the elsewhere on the patient’s body using liposuction. By using the patient’s own fat during our hand rejuvenation treatments, we almost completely eliminate the chance of the body rejecting the injection into the back of the hand.

To eliminate unsightly spider or varicose veins, Med Spa Services Providers will use state-of-the-art sclerotherapy techniques that cause the often embarrassing veins to collapse and become reabsorbed into the local tissue. Once recovery from your hand rejuvenation is complete, patients can expect to enjoy hands that they will be anxious to show off under any circumstance.

Hand Rejuvenation Recovery

Thanks to our provider’s use of the latest and least invasive techniques, after a hand rejuvenation surgery, recovery is always as short and comfortable as possible. Perhaps most importantly, patients enjoy the support and care of our empathetic medical staff, ensuring peace-of-mind is maintained throughout the recovery process offered by Med Spa Services Providers.

While a minor degree of redness and swelling can be expected after hand rejuvenation, the restored youthfulness and beauty of the hands will soon be apparent. The appearance of the skin will be filled-out and smooth, with few to no brown spots, veins or other unsightly effects of aging. To maximize the effects of our rejuvenating techniques, avoidance of sun-exposure and precautions like gloves and moisturizing is encouraged.