Venus Freeze is an advanced cellulite treatment and fat reduction technology. This fast, convenient body contouring procedure diminishes the appearance of cellulite, destroys fat cells, and smooths and tightens skin. Venus Freeze offers a non-invasive solution that produces results similar to skin tightening cosmetic surgery such as a face lift or tummy tuck.

What are the Benefits of Venus Freeze?

  • Effective cellulite treatment
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Non-Invasive, requires no downtime
  • smoother skin and less dimpling
  • Destroys fat cells
  • skin tightening
  • Cellulite treatment for thighs
  • Permanent, natural looking results

How does Venus Freeze work?

Venus Freeze smooths and tightens skin, targets fat cells, and offers an effective cellulite treatment by utilizing radio-frequency technology. Non-invasive radio frequency uses thermal energy to dissolve fat cells, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system that flushes them out of your body.

Radio Frequency technology can also reduce the appearance of cellulite by heating your fat cells to a certain therapeutic temperature, smoothing the appearance of cellulite and dimpling. It is perfect for treating cellulite on the thighs, bottom, hips, and back of legs.

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